Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Concert 2012 - Watene and D'Anjelo's group

At our Christmas assembly, there were some fabulous performances! Here's a video of Watene's group doing an awesome dance item. Unfortunately the video cuts out before the very last bit, but this should give you a good idea of the awesome skills of these boys!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nick's camp article

CAMP WAS AWESOME (even though I got homesick...)! I arrived at Arangi camp and ran to our cabin (we had the best cabin)! Our cabin had a working heater and light(most of the other cabins didn`t). We then headed to the rope swings and rock climbing. Then we came to the high ropes course(IT WAS FREAKY!!!)! I chickened out and didn1t do it. Then we ate casserole and had rice pudding. As I was getting into bed I rang home(we got reception on the first night) I woke up the next morning and ran outside. We then went to abseiling (I chickened out again!) and rafting(FUN!!!). We then made fires to make hamburgers and roast marshmallows. Then we went to camp in tents far from the camp site and that's when I got homesick(we didn`t get reception). I woke up the next morning and lost my voice! Then we went on a day tramp and then slept in bivys(tents we made ourselves). I woke up the next morning and still hadn`t got my voice back. The only toilets their were smelly long drops so I was forced to do my business in there! Then we did caving and flying fox (EPIC) and then headed home. When I got back I enjoyed a nice shower, coke and... A FLUSH TOILET!!!

Piwakawaka's camp experience, by Jaimie

Once upon a time in a land far away called Masterton, Piwakawaka went to camp. We left on the train and it seemed like hours until we got there. Rm2 started in the cabins. We dumped our stuff then left to go to the rock climbing which was really fun. There was a small practice abseiling wall there which was about 8 feet high. Simple. I learnt how to belay and so I belayed Miss King and Amy. Esme took forever on the swing rope but at least she did it! :-) Then we went to the high and low ropes course . I winded my self on the low ropes so I hated it. I then went on the high ropes wich was really fun. The next day we went on a long tramp with an amazing veiw. We made bivvyh's and I was with Bre, Emily and amy. On the third day we went rafting, abseiling and slept in tents. I thought camp was a great experience.

Malin's article about college testing

After weeks of practice, the day I haven't really been waiting for
finally came and hit me in the face, It was the 15th of November and I
started that day arriving late for school -I always find that big days
always have bad first impressions- and sat down listening carefully
for things I have missed. I asked are we allowed calculators but the
teacher said 'I don't think so' in an unsure tone so I took one anyway
just in case you had to find the square root of something.

We left class and made our way to the hall and then went up to the
college gym. From there, one big group went to do the test
somewhere(not sure where they went) and the rest were split into
groups of 25 and went to different classes to do their tests.

Some people found it hard and some people found it easy.
That was the college testing day!

Eden's post about camp

Camp was utterly amazing, that is the only thing that gets close to describing my time at camp. Rm 2 stayed in the cabins first then the tents and last and probably least the bivvys. I bivvyed with Sydney-May and Esme, after dinner some people started to feel sick and had to go to bed unluckily Sydney-May was one of them then we could not do the night line because to many people would be left alone and would miss out so Esme and I had no choice but to say goodnight and get into separate sleeping bags. We both fell asleep very quickly as we were both zonked this did not last too long though, at about 3:30 in the morning a very nervous and scared Esme woke me up and whispered something like "Eden I just saw a possum run past our tent." A local Morepork thought that it would be just about the right time to spark up its creepy song to add to our fear. If I said we weren’t petrified I would be lying because we were scared out of our wits. We could hear scuffling sounds from just outside our bivvy and we shakingly decided to go and find Miss King this turned up to be the worst possible idea and we almost woke up some girls in my class thinking that they were Miss King and so we stumbled back to our bivvy and dove straight back into our sleeping bags and that was the moment we knew we weren't going to get any sleep when we were in this state so we got our books out and started to read the silence only broken when Esme came across a funny paragraph and burst out laughing. In the end I lied and said that it must just be someone must be russling in a sleeping bag and we fell asleep.

So that is one of the of the awesome experiences on camp.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Scientific Method!

Check out this cool song to remember the stages of the scientific method!

Here are the lyrics:

Monday, November 19, 2012


RED: adhesive, Arctic, bisect, chemical, compress, cultural, dissection, equinox, fiction, graph, induction, dissection, modification, octagon, pentagon, progression, resistance, solar, telecommunication

GREEN: babies, buses, club, dry, field, glass, ice-cream, listen, mouth, parents, pudding, sell, somebody, taking, wag

YELLOW: accompanied, appetite, banner, catalogue, compare, cuddle, description, embarrassment, faithful, genius, industrious, marvellous, necessity, personal, previous, represent, skeleton, starving, suspicious, trial

ORANGE: ache, argue, boundary, comical, deed, earliest, fertile, grandparents, idle, knigh, manufacturing, mystery, oyster, pretend, relative, serious, spin, tape, trout, violent

BLUE: bay, ferry, berries, burnt, clerk, divide, fear, growl, joke, manufacturing, obey, plantation, rapidly, screen, snap, swam, swum, terrify, trail, winding

Friday, November 16, 2012

Camp, by Watene

When I was at camp I found it sensational I loved it. It was AWESOME the Rafting was probably my favourite even though it was probably the coldest thing we did at camp but it was worth it. If I had the chance to do it all over again I would even though the abseiling was scary this years camp was actually better than my primary schools one, better than some parts there wasn't any archery but then again there was some better stuff than archery. What I hated the most was definitely 100% tramping yes the view was nice and I got to have a alot of exercise but the walking was killing me. The rope swing was really scary for most people aswell as abseiling we did rope swing on day 1 overall IT WAS AWESOME


Camp, by Keenan

Camp was so fun i did every activity there was to do the rafting was so cold :) but it was fun except for when Miss King pulled me into the water
The high ropes wasnt actually that high and the low ropes were really really low ..The worst part of camp was the longdrops it was so so disgusting eww Miss King was really encouraging on camp she encouraged everyone to give the thing they fear a go and Esme faced her fear and finally after about 45 minutes she did the rope swing well done Esme good on you Im gonna be so sad when miss King leaves Tawaint :( Hopefully she will remember Room 2.

Camp! By Michaela

last week Piwakawaka went on camp. it was alot of fun.

The train ride there was pretty boring but the rest was so much fun.
When we first arrived we got onto the bus and went to where we would be staying for the night, that night we were staying at the cabins.. Once we got to the cabins we went inside and saw them... They werent very nice , but we didnt expect them to be. They were cold and dark because the one i was staying in , the heater didnt work and the light was broken.

When we were settled into our cabins we got on the bus and went to the rope swing and flying fox. The rope swing was so much fun , but the wait was boring. The climbing walls were also fun. We also did the high ad low ropes which was fun.
After that we went back to the cabins and had free time before dinner. For dinner we had beef , with beef sauce and rice, i didnt like it very much. Once we had dinner and tidied up , we went to Masterton pools, that was fun , although it would have been much more fun if the whole syndicate went.

We went back to where we were staying at about 8pm and had rice pudding and biscuits. Then we had some free time before bed. Going to bed was funny because we had to brush our teeth in the gross bathroom. Once we had gotten into our bunks we talked for agees. We were quite bored and could'nt get to sleep because it was so cold , so we decided to annoy the boys by singing some One Direction. It was funny because they were banging on the wall yelling at us!

The next morning we woke up to a scream.. It was Jimmy ,he had opened our door to scare us. We yelled at him to go away because it was only 6am, we went back to sleep for a while then woke up once again to , Ben , Jimmy, Josh, Denis and Keenan hitting spoons against cooking pots, it was so annoying! When we finally got up, we got ready to go to abseiling and rafting...

I didn't do the abseiling because it had been raining and i was too scared to slip. But rafting was so much fun, although when i jumped in the water it was so cold. Most people hopped out of the rafts halfway but Josh,Pratik, Lucy and made it to then end. Walking back was FREEZING!

That night we were staying at the tents.. There , we discovered the long drops.. All i have to say is EW EW EW!
We made fires that night to cook our burgers. They were yum! We also roasted some marshmallows.


Last week we went on camp, we arrived at the train station at 7:40 to get on the train to Masterton. It was about a 2 hour train ride to the cabins where we were going to sleep first. Once we got off the train we rode in a bus to the cabins. Everyone put there bags in the cabins and then we got back on the bus to go to the rock climbing, rope swing and smaller abseiling. After everyone had done everything we went back to the cabins and got ready to go to the high ropes and low ropes courses. On the low ropes we played a few games and did the courses and on the high ropes we wore harnesses and walked across ropes high in the air until we got to the flying fox and zipped across. We walked back to the cabins and went to sleep for the next day.

We had dinner and then went back into our cabins at about 9:30. The next day we took a bus to the abseiling and rafting. The abseiling you go down a rope down a 27 meter cliff and at the rafting we went paddling down a river in rafts through rapids in the ice cold water. Then we went to the tents where we slept in the tents. For dinner we made a fire in groups and cooked burger patties ourselves. We played a few games and then some of us played spotlight before bed.

The next day we walked to the bivvies where we were going to sleep. We set up our bivvies in groups of about 2-4. Some people had really huge bivvies and some people had a lot smaller bivvies. Then we got ready to go out for a tramp. The tramp was about an hour long and around just under an hour back. At the top of the mountain there were rocks to climb and lookout to see the whole climb. It was an amazing view. We went back down and some people had a swim in the freezing river before it got late then we had dinner and went to sleep in the bivvies we made ourselves.

The last day we walked to where the bus picked us up and took us to the caving and the bigger flying fox. The caving you walked through a cave and got squished into tight places and climbed up rock faces using a rope similar to rock climbing. On the flying fox we had a harness a helmet, we got clipped to the line and we zoomed down and then got caught by some of the instructors and we'd walk all the way back up the hill to the top of the flying fox. Then we got on the bus and then got back onto a train all the way back to Wellington where we got picked up by our parents and went back home.

Camp was really fun and I'm so happy I went. We did so many fun activities and I did nearly everything but I wish I did do the abseiling but at least I still had fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This term room 2 has been doing lots of science experiments. including a yeast experiment, a potato growing experiment, growing mould experiment and we also learnt about MRS GREN. Mrs Gren is an acrostic poem that stands for:
This means that for something to be alive it has to have all of these characteristics.

in Rm 2 we are doing science. Our experiment is about mouldy bread, and we have found out that damp seedy bread moulds faster than, damp white seedy bread, also seedy and white bread that is dry. We also found out that yeast can blow up a balloon with water.Science is really fun.
This was what we predicted:

Predictions – HYPOTHESIS
Which will go mouldy first:
Plain seedy                         : 3 people out of 27
Plain white                         : 5/27
Damp seedy                       : 13/27
Damp white                       : 6/27

Most people in room 2 think that the damp, seedy bread will become mouldy first. This might be because it has seeds to help the mould grow, as well as water. This might also be because of chemicals in the water. It might grow faster also because mould likes the damp.
The water might make the seeds fresher which might stop the mould.
There are lots of chemicals in white bread so maybe this will make it grow faster.
Maybe the bleached flour will make a difference (make it grow faster).

This is how they look now (10 days after we hung them up): 


YAY! MOULD! I don`t like it. Its gross, but sadly we are doing an experiment on it to see what type of bread will go mouldy first. The breads we are testing are plain white (White bread), Plain seedy (Wholegrain), Damp white (White bread with water), Damp seedy (Wholegrain with water).

Monday, October 29, 2012

Spelling, week 3

List 5 words for spelling week 3


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zach's holiday post!

On 31st of August,at 12 o'clock, we left our house to go to Wellington airport to catch our first flight to Auckland airport. Then a 12 hour flight to San Francisco. After 6 hours wait, we took a 4 hour flight to Chicago. We stayed there for 5 days, then left to go to Toronto and we stayed there for 4 days. We left for for a 7 hour flight to Frankfurt airport. After 2 hours of waiting, we left for London. We stayed there for a week, then took a 2 hour bullet train ride to Paris. We stayed there for 4 days, then took another 3 hour speed train ride to Amsterdam and stayed there for 8 days. We took a flight to Frankfurt airport again, so, we could catch our 11 hour flight to Changi airport in Singapore. We stayed there for 2 days and went to Malaysia for 1 day. Then went to catch a 2 hour flight to Surabuya and stayed there for 9 days, then took a flight to Jakarta and stayed there for 3 days. when all that was done we went to Changi airport so that we could take our 10 hour flight back to Auckland airport. Once we got there, we took our flight back to Wellington. Overall we took 13 flights, 2 bullet train rides and had two birthdays. We had loads and loads of fun.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is a new subject that Room 2 has started this term. First we have to draw up a PMI chart (Plus, Minus and Interesting). Then Miss King gives us an exciting topic to base our thoughts on (e.g. what if instead of feet we had wheels.) and we get started writing down our ideas, wacky or not. Miss King would either let us work in groups or let us work carmly by ourselfs. Usually we would listen to calm music as we work - it's said that the music ables us to come up with better ideas and helps us to work well. Our most recent topic was on " what if all humans were vegetarian", after we had shared our ideas Miss King told us something cool that she heard, did you know that someone that is vegetarian and drives a hummer is apparently more sustainable than someone who eats meat and rides a bike.

Amazing huh.

Note from Miss King -I decided it would be good to double check this fact about the hummer-driving vegetarian! I found a website that claims actually it's not true...Still - it's an thought-provoking idea! :)

Malin's post about cricket (to be continued!)

Cricket Camp

On labour weekend, The tawa premier cricket team and I went up to Hawks Bay to play in acricket tournament against premier cricket teams from all over the north island. We played one huge 50 over game one each day which takes normally 8 hours to finish playing. On the first day we played Taradale then Havelock North and finally the team we wanted revenge on; Onslow.

When I arrived at Frimley park in Hastings I was still in my pijamas after the long 5 hour drive, I struggled to walk when Kinal and I were examining the grass wicketand testing whether the ball bounced at all. Later on the rest of the team turned up and we warmed up with a game of touch rugby. Josh our captain won the toss and selected to bat first We got of to a good start and ended up with a great score of 163, I didn't get to bat because I am not a batsmen and therefor I bat last. Then came the time to field Kinal and Josh opened the bowling and restricted the run-rateto a minimum. Then came my turn to bowl, bowling is my specialty I bowled 4 overs got 2 wickets and let them score 7 runs of my bowling.

Nick's post

After coming back from a relaxing holiday our teacher announces the worst news I ever herd since we were out of toilet paper, THE I-PODS HAD BEEN STOLEN! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! All we know is that a case was found near the school that once held one of the I-pods by one of our fellow students. If you know anything about these I -pods report to room 2 and tell miss king (our teacher). If you are reading this and you stole the I-pods then were watching you!

Thoughts on Spec!


This term I am doing Food SPEC, This is a great SPEC to do because you get to show your talents at creativity and how well you can cook. With my very imature SPEC class you can always expect to get a laugh every lesson. With different people going to camp at different times we get to have double SPEC next week with a SPEC every day, apart from Wenesday, which everyone is looking forward too. This term is a busy one but who can complain when they have a full stomach!


This term I am doing art spec. Each week, every syndicate goes for two sessions on a subjected topic. We do this for approximately an hour and a half learning tons! The different specs are hard materials, foods, music and art. There used to be science but then it got taken out of the schedule. We do our assinged spec for 1 term.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Denis' holidays

In the holidays I went to Masterton for a football tournament. It took 1 day to get to Masterton by car. When we got there, there was a trampoline,a slide and swings. My game was on Sunday, So I had to get a good night sleep on Saturday. It was quite hard to sleep with all the racquet made from the passing trucks. Eventually I got to sleep. Then the next day I got up early and put my football gear on, had my breakfast and brushed my teeth, now I am already to go to my football game, BUT I had to wait for my mum dad to wake up. Finally they Wake up, I was lucky because I had my brother with me, so we went outside and played on the swings and the slide. By now my mum and dad were already to go. But there was one major thing we had to do fist which was to... pack up. At the end of the day we won a few and lost a few.

Seb's post

In the holidays it was my birthday on the 11th of october 2012 I turned 12. from my mum I got two books,three angry bird rubers and some other stuff from my grandma I got chocolats but my grandma sead that she is going to get the rest of my birthday presents another time but i dont realy mind and from my uncle on my dads side I got a tenis racit,two pars of pants and more stuff that I cant remember and I am going to get a ipod from my dad.on my birthday I had a feast at my grandmas.then went to the moves to see hotel transylvania and went to valentins for diner.and the on the day after my birthday we had a feast at my grandmas from my dads side house.and my uncle was there to.

Ben's article about the holidays

in the first week of the two week holiday i was a mentor for the MANA SCHOOL BOYS RUGBY the matter of me over weight i was not allowed to play so because i had lost a big five pounds i was able to be a mentor for the team we lost our first game by 21-20 to hut valley high we lost our next two games and came up against ragitikei our brothers it was a very tight game and we ended up wining our own game we were playing for 4th and 5th place.